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Why RCIC ?

The Canadian immigration process is complex and complicated. Our certified immigration consultants (RCICs) take the “how” out of the process with simplified steps, hand-in-hand guidance and personalized strategies tailored to your needs.

RCIC knows Canada’s visa system

An RCIC can keep you updated with all the latest policies and professional licensing requirements. With their intimate knowledge of Canada’s immigration system and available visas, they advise the applicant which visa you can qualify for and which one you must apply for.

Certified with a regulatory body

An RCIC works with a strict code of conduct and is licensed. They always ensure that your interests are protected and are competent professionals to take care of your application.

RCIC can personalise an immigration strategy for you

Not only an RCIC deeply understands the Canadian immigration system well, but they professionally strategize a plan for you for successful application submission and approval. The RCIC will hold you by hand, advise you on a plan, and guide you through every nitty-gritty of the procedure.

All your documents will be taken care of

Immigration application is not just a comprehensive process but also requires a lot of paperwork. From filing to submission, an RCIC will help you with everything that is required for successful completion.